Saturday, January 16, 2016

An Upgrade to my Amazing Spider-Man #17

Today I received a comic I bought from  It's the Amazing Spider-Man #17 which contains the second appearance of the Green Goblin. listed the grade on this as Good.  I looked at the picture online and was really surprised that it wasn't graded higher.  I checked several times that the picture was the actual comic, and not a stock photo.  There are no creases on the cover, no pieces missing, no writing (other than a date written on the back cover).

So, I bought it to upgrade my existing copy, which I think is graded as Good.  I actually expected to get a different comic in the picture, assuming they had made a mistake with the image, or that there would be some flaws in the interior that would lower the grade.

But, I'm REALLY happy with this book.  Even though I really don't know much about grading, I think this would be VG or possibly even Fine.  The interior pages are one shade worse than off-white, but certainly aren't brittle.

Now I need to check their site for more books I need!

I am going to sell my old copy to help fund this one.  I've included a scan of each for comparison.

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