Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fantastic Four #48 - First Appearance of Silver Surfer

I've been on a Silver Surfer binge lately.  I bought a discounted lot of Fantastic Four books from Metropolis Comics.  The lot contained 18 books, including #48, the first appearance of Silver Surfer.

I have all of the other 17 issues, but am hoping to upgrade any of the copies I have with any from this lot that are better, then sell the remaining books.  My goal is to make enough off this lot to make the FF #48 cost me under $100.  If I do really well with the sales, I may even consider selling the #48 and buying an upgraded copy.

This one isn't bad.  Some creases across the top of the front cover are the worst part, along with some stress line on the spine.  I'd say it's VG-.  The other books range from VG- to Fine.  The other books also include other Silver Surfer appearances and covers, so I think those will sell pretty well.

I also bought several copies of Silver Surfer's own series from a seller on the Collectors Society boards.  Those arrived yesterday but I was out of town and couldn't sign for them.  Hopefully I'll get them picked up tomorrow.

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