Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some #1's

I don't have any big #1 issues from the titles I collect.  No Amazing Spider-Man #1, no Fantastic Four #1 and no Daredevil #1.  No X-Men #1, no Avengers #1 and I'm not sure I'll ever own those.

But I do have a few #1's from a few lesser titles.

For instance, I have a decent Iron Man #1.

I also have Sub-Mariner #1.

I have Captain Marvel #1, but now we're really reaching...

I also have The Incredible Hulk #102.  It's really not a #1, but it's the restart of his own series after Tales To Astonish #101.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Green Goblin

A while ago I posted about some of my Amazing Spider-Man comics that featured the Green Goblin on the cover.  It seems odd to me that after issue #40, it wasn't until #96 that he appeared again.

Issue #96 was a book I picked up in a 25 cent box at a comic book store in Rochester, MN when I was in high school in the mid-1980's.  It's probably worth $25 now.  For a long time, it was the oldest Amazing Spider-Man comic I owned.

Issues #97 and #98 have better covers.  I can't remember where I picked these up but I have them a long time.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Daredevil is one of those second or third tier titles that doesn't get much respect but it's one of my favorites.  A blind superhero?  C'mon, it's perfect.

My collection is pretty complete in the early part of the run.  I need #1 and #8, then I have them all until #50 and #51.  It starts to get pretty spotty at about #80.

Some of my earliest "expensive" purchases were decent copies of the Spider-Man crossovers in #16 and #17.  I believe I bought them both from Harley Yee back in the early '90's.  Probably from ads in the Comic Shopper.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Couple Golden Age Purchases

I bought a couple Golden Age comics during the Virtual Comic Convention a few weekends ago and am just now getting around to taking a look at them.  I haven't had a chance to read them yet though.

I bought Vault of Horror #34.  The spine is in pretty rough shape, but I paid about half of what I saw similar copies go for on eBay.  I've always thought these old EC titles were kind of cool so when I saw one at a reasonable price, I grabbed it.  I think  it's too expensive to go after many more though.

I also bought Jumbo Comics #113 from 1948.  It has four or five stories inside.  This copy is in pretty nice shape.  I couldn't find any issues that had sold on eBay, but the only one that was similar in price to this one was in such terrible shape, I wouldn't want to touch it.  It looked like it had mold on it.  Someone is also selling just the front and back cover (no comic) for more than I paid for this one.

I've had pretty good luck selling my duplicate comics on eBay.  I don't have any listed right now, but I plan on listing some more this weekend.