Monday, January 7, 2013

Cataloging My Collection

I used to be pretty good about keeping a spreadsheet that detailed my collection including the title, grade and cost.  Somewhere through the years I lost the file.  So, I'm trying to recreate it.  I do have a printed version of the file so at least I'll have most of the cost of the books I've had in my collection for a long time.

I've had to grab each box (which I spent a weekend alphabetizing), carry it to my desk, and go through, book by book, and enter them into the spreadsheet.  I've been grading them through the bags, so it's not super accurate, but close enough.

For some of the older and more valuable books, I've been scanning them in if I don't have a scan already.  The fun part of that is seeing all the great toy advertisements on the back of the comics.  Tonight I found one of my favorites: Redline Hot Wheels on the back of World's Finest #175.

I also found this cool Schwinn ad, but I don't remember which book this was on.

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