Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SuperWorld Comics Order

Yesterday I received an order from SuperWorld Comics.  It was my first order from them so it was a relatively small order to test their grading and service.

The lower priced, lower grade comics I typically order didn't have scan, just grades and very brief descriptions in the typical, abbreviated format.  The books I bought were 50% of their normal prices.  Normal prices appeared to be pretty close to Overstreet guide.

Shipping was very reasonable, just $7.50 for the 8 books.  I suppose if I was very diligent, I may have been able to find similarly graded and priced books on Ebay, but I think the cost of shipping them individually would have made them more expensive than this order.

I was impressed with what I received.  The books I ordered ranged in grade from VG to F-, with grades in between (VG+, VG/F).  Most of the books had subscription creases, which most sellers will list separately as a defect, but were not in this case.  All inside pages are white/off-white, and there are no pieces missing or writing.

However, most of these books would have easily been Fine or higher had it not been for the subscription crease.  I usually don't mind subscription creases, as it adds some character to the book in its "original" state.  Similarly, I don't mind date stamps.

I bought four Avengers books.  Avengers #27 was listed as VG+.

You can see the subscription crease.  There is some wrinkling of the front cover in the lower left and some pretty light stress lines on spine.

Avengers #40 was listed as VG.  The subscription crease isn't as noticeable due to the light color of the color.  There is also a vertical crease running the length of the book about an inch in from the left edge.  A few more minor stress lines on the spine, but otherwise nice.

Avengers #41 was listed as F-.  There is no subscription crease on this issue, but there are more stress lines around the spine and some stress lines at the staples, but it's a very solid book.

Avengers #72 was listed as VG/F.  There is a subscription crease on this one that is pretty pronounced, and wasn't a sharp enough crease to break the color.    There's also a horizontal wrinkle on the cover from the middle of the left edge about half-way through the cover.

I also ordered three Fantastic Four comics.

#60 was listed as VG+.  There is a very pronounced subscription crease but if not for that, it would easily be F/VF or better.

Fantastic Four #79 was listed as VG/F.  Another subscription crease, with more creasing at the top and bottom edges.  The spine is very nice as is the right edge.

Fantastic Four #97 was listed as VG+.  The subscription crease is similar to #79 and there are two horizontal wrinkles in the cover from the right edge about 3-4 inches in.  They are not noticeable unless you're looking at the book at an angle to the light.

Finally, I bought Daredevil #45, which was listed as F-.  No subscription crease but the bottom staple appears to have popped through the cover.  Other than that, the book is in great shape.

This completes my first order from SuperWorld Comics.  After taking  look at these books, at 50% off book price, I placed a larger, second order.  I ordered 22 more comics including a couple of upgrades to my Amazing Spider-man collection.  The two Spider-man books made up about half of the cost of the order.  The other 20 books are of similar grade to my first order and will fill some holes in my Avengers, Daredevil and Hulk collections as well as one Iron Man and one Strange Tales book.

Hopefully I'll be as happy with those books as I was with my first order.  So far, I am very happy with SuperWorld's grading and service.

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