Monday, November 12, 2012

Green Goblin Appearances

I haven't had much luck buying the comics I need on Ebay.  I've bid on a lot but they've been going for way more than I'm willing to pay.  I've mostly been bidding on Amazing Spider-Man #20, but I've been looking out for other key issues such as Hulk #181 (first appearance of Wolverine), X-Men #94 (first appearance of the new X-Men) and other Spider-Man appearances such as Strange Tales annual #2. I'm also trying to fill some holes in my other early Marvel runs, such as X-Men #22.

Anyway, I've been looking through my Spider-Man collection, mostly admiring my early Green Goblin appearances.  He has to be my favorite Spider-Man villain.  A couple years ago I bought #14 (the Goblin's first appearance) at a local comic shop.  I probably paid a little too much, but I liked being able to inspect it in person.

It has a bit of spine roll and a little writing under the issue number on the front cover, but '"d say it's a strong VG.

My copy of #17 (second appearance) is in worse shape.  I don't remember where I got it.  I think I got it as part of a collection I bought from a friend when I was in college.  It's in decent enough shape that it's not high on my list of issues to upgrade, but maybe some day I'll get around to it.

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