Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome To My Comical Problem!

It's a rare rainy Saturday here in Minnesota so I decided it was a good time to finally crack open the closet door that hides my comic book collection and start to figure out what's in there.

I've been collecting for about 25 years, since I was in High School, mostly focusing on Silver Age Marvel books, especially Spider-Man.  I've acquired many comics along the way and now I have a lot that I don't really care for and am deciding how best to get rid of them.

I have about 5000 comics.  I quit buying new comics long ago and only buy comics from the 1970's or earlier now.  I used to keep a pretty accurate inventory of the collection, including the price I paid for each comic, but since that was an Excel file stored on a 3.5" floppy disk, I have misplaced it and also don't have a floppy disk drive to retrieve it even if I came across it. I do have a hard copy of that file that I may try to re-digitize somehow.

For some reason, I was thinking about the old Watchmen series from the '80's and decided to find out if I had all 12 issues.  I managed to find the box with them in it, and found out I'm missing issues 6-9.

I don't think I ever read the Watchmen books that I do have so this morning I pulled out #1 and read it.  It's a pretty good story so far.  Rorschach is a creepy character.

Anyone a fan of this series?

There's a new series called "Before Watchmen: Rorschach".  I'd like to read it, but I hesitate to spend $3.99 per book for a new comic.  I'd rather spend that money buying the issues from the old series that I'm missing.  I also read there's a variant cover for issue #3.  That's what I hate about new comics: all the gimmicks to get you to buy more and more.

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